Katy & Jack’s Wedding Photography in Stoke-on-Trent

The Ashes Barns Wedding Photography

This wasn’t my first rodeo as an Ashes Barns wedding photographer, so I know this stunning venue very well.  As Staffordshire barn wedding venues go, you can’t get married at a more picturesque place than this.  50 acres to stomp around on, plenty of spots for awesome photos…there’s a lot to like about this place!

When I got the nod to photograph Katy & Jack’s big day, there was no way in hell that I was going to refuse.  The deal was made even sweeter because I got to work with Mat James again!

That’s right kids: MJ is back on the Blog.  He’ll be making another appearance soon, so you won’t get to miss him too much.

Getting Ready Wedding Photos in Stoke-on-Trent

We rocked up nice and early to The Ashes Barns’ dressing room and got straight into snapping.  The overall feeling of calm and chilled was palpable.  Complement that with a bit of banter from the Staffordshire wedding photographer, and the morning flew by as Katy and the girls got pampered.

A short while later, Jack and the boys rocked up and settled themselves into the wedding night suite for their preparations.  As suits were being donned, bottles of Bud were being consumed and that’s when a pang of disappointment washed over me.  They could have saved themselves some money and drank water from the tap…

Alcohol snobbery aside, the boys created a loud, fun vibe as they were getting ready.  Inappropriate jokes flying back and forth got us all laughing, and before we knew it, we had to get back to Katy.  The Bride-to-be slipped into her dress and spritzed on the perfume before being greeted by her dad, the proudest man in the room.

Preps all done.  It’s now time to get to the ceremony barn for the formalities.

Ceremony & Drinks Reception Photography in Staffordshire

The wind was strong, but the skies were clear, so Mat and I were confident of being able to get some epic photos later on.  As guests were filing in for the I do’s, we had already started pondering on what we would do that’s a bit jazzy, but we’ll get to that in a bit.  For now, it’s time to get these two married!

This was one of those ceremonies with loads of happy tears and lots of laughter. For me as an Ashes Barns wedding photographer I couldn’t have asked for more! The photos have turned out so well because Katy & Jack are so relaxed.

With the promises made and paperwork signed, Katy & Jack are now officially married.  That means it was time to drink a little bit of the bubbly and nibble on some hors d’oeuvres.  The wind was still strong with a chill to it, so everyone stayed in the ceremony barn to catch up. 

As an Ashes Barns Wedding Photographer, I do like to capture natural moments without anyone noticing.  That means I get to ninja in and out of crowds, snapping unsuspecting guests while they exchange tales and laugh with loved ones.  Those natural moments are my favourite shots, and I’m chuffed with the bangers I got.

The Ashes Barns Wedding Photographer Portraits

The run up to the wedding breakfast is where I like to grab the newlyweds for their portraits.  Guests being distracted by the prospect of imminent food means that we won’t get disturbed.  It sounds a bit diva, but you want those epic photos of just you two at your stunning venue, so less people in the background is always a plus!

Katy & Jack were superstars, really nailing their poses and natural moments in front of the camera.  As an Ashes Barns wedding photographer, I only keep you guys away from your guests for about 15 minutes during this session, as I know that you want to spend the day with your loved ones.  Even in such a short time frame, the photos we have are fantastic, but I knew that the absolute bangers were coming later on.

Once we were done, we headed back to the wedding breakfast barn for speeches and a three-course meal that was devoured by everyone.  Me included.

Night Time Wedding Photography at The Ashes Barn

Remember the bangers I told you about?  Would it surprise you to read that I was referring to silhouettes?  Of course it wouldn’t!  You know by now that this Ashes Barns wedding photographer loves a silhouette, and I saw an opportunity for a couple that I knew would be unique for Katy & Jack.  Specifically, the one I’m most proud of is the shot across the pond.  I got muddy feet and tripped over in the dark, but oh my it was worth it!

With the bangers in the bag, it was time to head back into the wedding breakfast barn for the evening festivities.  Katy & Jack took centre stage for their first dance, and guests piled onto the dance floor to party into the night.

Staffordshire Wedding Photographer

That’s the story of when I was Katy & Jack’s Ashes Barns wedding photographer.  Below are just some of my favourite photos from the day that you can peruse at your own leisure.

And if you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Staffordshire, then all you have to do is drop me a line.