Hey there! I’m Benny and I am a wedding photographer based in Bromsgrove with my wife Kelly, our son Sam The Heart Warrior, our nephew Callum (who we lovingly refer to as The Spud) and our dogs Bonnie & Jess. I eat out far too often, like to visit my local to catch up on the gossip, spend lots of time and money keeping my beard tidy, and when I take off my wedding ring just before hopping into the shower, I always get shouted at for forgetting to put it back on!

I’m also one of those lucky people in this world that has turned a passion into a career. In fact, I’ve done that twice now. Let me explain…

As I was growing up, music played a huge part in my life and that is why that passion became my first career – I became a DJ. From private parties to festivals, my DJ career not only allowed me to travel and meet some amazing people, but it also gave me the opportunity to be more exposed to photography and, more importantly, work with some amazing photographers.


Taking photographs has always been a hobby of mine, particularly when it came to photographing people. Whether I was on holiday, or walking the dogs on the Malvern Hills, or at a family gathering, I always took the old picture-taking machine with me and had a great time capturing moments. After a while, I decided to shadow a few good friends of mine as they photographed some weddings and since then, I have not looked back!


There is something intangibly special about wedding photography: from the excitement in the morning right up until you’re swinging off the chandeliers in the evening, there is no other day that is comparable to your wedding day. I love capturing the laughter, the tears of joy, and getting to spend an entire day with new people who love to have a good time.

Being a relaxed wedding photographer means that I’m not going to boss you or your guests around and make you pose for hours on end. I like to leave you to enjoy your wedding day and while you’re doing that, I get to capture all the fun and special moments. Of course, we’ll always find time to get some epic portraits of you both along the way, so if you’re all about being relaxed and having fun, then I would love to be the photographer for your wedding.