The Mill Barns Wedding Photography

Getting to be Rachel & Nick’s wedding photographer at The Mill Barns in Alveley was special for a couple of reasons. The first – and most important reason – is that this couple are a hell of a lot of fun to be around, and along with their friends and family, they ensured that the laughs kept on coming all day. The second reason was because I got to work alongside one of my partner wedding photographers, Mat James. In fact, it was a situation that Mat created entirely by himself that ended up with me needing to be there. Does that intrigue you? Well pull up a chair, dear reader, and let me tell you the story of Rachel & Nick’s wedding.

By the time Rachel & Nick’s wedding rolled around, Mat and his good lady were still expecting their third child. You would note the use of the word ‘still’. That was added in there because this particular wedding at The Mill Barns happened two weeks after the due date, and their baby had clearly decided that she liked where she had made home for the last nine months, and saw no reason to leave. Needless to say that Mat was feeling a little bit antsy, so we hatched up a cunning plan: I’ll work alongside Mat for the day, and I can easily keep snapping away should he get the call at the most inopportune time (Spoiler Alert: he didn’t get the call).

As you have no doubt spotted from the various entries on my Blog, I am very familiar providing wedding photography at The Mill Barns. We rocked up nice and early to catch up with Rachel and the girls getting ready in the Dressing Room, where everyone was as relaxed as the day is long. After capturing some photos of the Bridal party getting ready, as well as some of those important details (including the amazing work of Big Little Things), we then caught up with Nick and the boys as they were putting on their suits.

Before the ceremony, we did manage to capture the moment where Rachel’s dad saw his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. ‘Proudest man in the room’ doesn’t do his reaction any justice.

After the formalities were complete, we were in the presence of a newlywed couple, and a celebration was in order. While guests were mingling, we took Rachel & Nick around the grounds at The Mill Barns for a short portrait session, and I’m sure that you can agree with me that they absolutely nailed their poses. Like a lot of couples, Rachel & Nick were a little unsure in front of the camera, but it didn’t take long for them to get into the groove, and it was so much fun.

Back inside was an amazing meal for everyone, followed by the speeches. The Father of the Bride’s speech was tear jerking, Nick’s was entertaining and The Best Man (who was most definitely the first choice as Best Man…ahem!) rounded off the speeches with some good laughs.

If you have seen some of my wedding photography at The Mill Barns before, you’ll know that I love adding in some night-time shots to the collection. So, before the party, I made the executive decision that there was no way these two were going to miss out on some amazing photos. Again, Rachel & Nick nailed their poses, but my favourite photos are the ones that are between the poses. It’s usually during these moments where everybody starts to lose their shit, and I love that!

After the traditional cake cut, Rachel & Nick took centre stage to Westlife’s World Of our Own as their first dance, and from there the party was on! Dave Clarke was on the decks to make sure that the dance floor rocked into the night, and as one of the Midland’s best DJs, he knows how to get folk swinging off the chandeliers.  That makes my job of getting photographic evidence of some dodgy dance moves a lot easier!

It’s always a pleasure to be a wedding photographer at The Mill Barns, and the days are made even better when you have clients who are so much fun and so chilled. Rachel & Nick, I doff my proverbial cap to you.

If you’re looking for wedding photography at The Mill Barns, all you need to do is get in touch.

Oh…the kickass slideshow is down below. I suggest that you turn those speakers up to 11 and enjoy!