Toni & Reece’s Wedding Photography in Codsall Wood

Pendrell Hall Wedding Photography

Pendrell Hall is a Victorian Country House set with six acres to stomp around on, so there’s a lot to love about this Staffordshire wedding venue. Regular readers of this Blog will know that I am very familiar with the family of Best Day Ever venues. Up until recently though, being a wedding photographer at Pendrell Hall was an unticked box on my bucket list.

That was until I got the call from Mat James Photography. Mat and I have worked together a lot over the years, so he knows what I like to hear when he asks me if I’m available to shoot a wedding with him. It wasn’t a hard sell to be fair: fun couple, chilled day, cool wedding venue and I get to spend the day with Mat. Despite that last point, I was game to be Toni & Reece’s Pendrell Hall wedding photographer.

Wedding Prep Photos In Staffordshire

We rocked up nice and early to find Toni and the girls in the midst of getting ready. The Dressing Room at Pendrell Hall was a flurry of activity, with Elle Sutton in charge of all things make-up, while SASS Hair & Beauty ensured that everyone’s locks were suitably styled. With everyone relaxed and enjoying being pampered while drinking a bit of fizz, Mat & I joined in the laughs while taking those snaps.

It wasn’t just the dressing room that was a hive of activity though. The team at Pendrell Hall were busy getting everything in place for the big day. Blossom & Rose Wedding Stylists decked Pendrell Hall in style, and the flowers from Ribbons & Bows complemented everything perfectly. Before too long, Reece and the lads rocked up.

Not too many venues give the boys a space to get ready, but Pendrell Hall has The Pimpernel Suite. Little things like that make a difference, as the Groomsmen can get ready without worrying about being already suited and booted before leaving the house. It also means that – just like the girls – the men can have a drink or two during the preparations. With the rum open, the men started getting ready, with Reece double checking that he had the correct underwear on (scroll down to the photos to see what I mean!).

Ceremony & Drinks Reception Photos In Codsall Wood

After Toni had slipped into her wedding dress, the Bridal Squad made their way down to The Morning Room where Reece was patiently waiting for his bride. With the Bride and Groom’s closest friends and family in attendance, Toni & Reece exchanged vows and rings to make everything official. With the legal bits done, it was time to chuck some confetti and get some drinks.

For the drinks reception, Toni, Reece & Co. took full advantage of the space available to them. Everyone was moving around to chat, and it wasn’t unusual to see a guest standing in the Oak Panelled Entrance Hall moments after sitting in The Drawing Room. Not to mention the plethora of outdoor space available!

Staffordshire Wedding Portrait Photography

As friends and family caught up, told stories and drank heartily, Mat & I grabbed Toni & Reece for a short while to get some photos of just the two of them. Pendrell Hall is a beautiful wedding venue that offers lots of opportunities for great photos, and that’s a Staffordshire wedding photographer’s dream. Chuck in the fact that the incredibly fun Toni & Reece took everything in their stride, this wedding portrait session was like shooting fish in a barrel.

It was during this session that I tapped Mat on his shoulder and whispered the words he saw coming a mile away: “Y’know what? When it gets dark, we could do something really jazzy over there…” Before we get to that though, we had to go back inside as guests were being called into The Ballroom for the wedding breakfast.

After guests were treated to tales and amusing anecdotes during the speeches, everybody tucked into a splendid three course meal, courtesy of Jenkinson’s Caterers.

Night-Time Wedding Photography In Codsall Wood

Are you familiar with the term ‘herding cats’? That’s pretty much how it is when you try and get everyone outside for sparklers after a three course meal and alcohol. Sparkler photos also have a weird trait of happening very slowly, and then all of a sudden! When the sparklers are lit, it’s go time and there is very little room for error when it comes to taking those photos. When it all comes together though, the photos look great and that’s exactly what we got with Toni & Reece. It’s a bit of work, but definitely worth it!

After the sparklers, Mat & I took the newlyweds out one more time for some more wedding photos at Pendrell Hall. This time, we did something a little different because earlier in the day, Toni & Reece told us that they had a couple of smoke bombs. We all know that smoke bomb photos are cool, but we wanted to add a bit of a dramatic flair. Toni & Reece were on board with the idea of setting them off after the sun went down, and the results certainly speak for themselves.

Very happy with the photos we have, we headed back into The Ballroom inside Pendrell Hall for the evening’s festivities. After cutting the cake made by The Velvet Crumb, Toni & Reece took center stage for their first dance. The responsibility of keeping the party going was down to Midlands Pro DJ, and guests piled onto the dance floor to throw some very dodgy looking shapes. The only time we saw anyone walk away from the party was to go to Surround Sounds Disco’s sweet cart – probably for a sugar boost before going back to shake what their momma gave them! Complementing the party was Tailored Booths, who gave everyone a chance to pop on a silly hat and strum an inflatable guitar, all in the name of a memorable photo.

Pendrell Hall Wedding Photographer

Getting to be Toni & Reece’s Pendrell Hall wedding photographer alongside Mat was a hell of a lot of fun. The inclusive nature of all in attendance made us feel like we were part of the gang, so a big thank you to everyone who helped make this wedding so epic.

Below are some of my favourite wedding photos at Pendrell Hall. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Staffordshire, then all you have to do is drop me a line.