Ironbridge Enginuity Wedding Photography

“You’ll like being a photographer at this wedding”, Louise told me as she was having her hair and make up done in the run up to her wedding at Ironbridge Enginuity in Telford, Shropshire.  “It’s very nerdy!”  And that pretty much set the tone for the day!

Just down the road from Ironbridge Enginuity is Carpenters Row and a lot of couples who have their weddings at Enginuity tend to stay in a house there that they book via AirBnB, and that is exactly what Louise did.  We rocked up as Louise was being pampered while her Bridesmaid, Lisa, was watching a YouTube video on how to put on a wedding dress.  Speaking of the dress, it was absolutely stunning and was accompanied with a very long veil, a pair of Black Doc Martens and a Book of Spells.  Various family members and friends started arriving throughout the morning, including Louise’s mom who immediately started washing up.  Even on your wedding day, Moms will be Moms.  Of course, in my role as a Wedding Photographer, I captured every one of those moments.

Straight over to Enginuity where we caught up with Stephen and his Groomsmen, and it was not too long before Louise and her Bridal Squad arrived.  The ceremony was held in the Covered Bays – an idustrial warehouse with brick floooring and iron pillars, and that really added to the relaxed and yet so quirky at the same time vibe.  In fact, relaxed and quirky could be used to describe the entire day, with a constant stream of little details for me to photograph.  There are a lot of really cool places at Enginuity to grab some portraits that add something a little bit different to the norm and when we got back from our short stroll on The Green, there was a Fire Engine on the scene responding to a fire alarm (false alarm, thankfully!).  I had to get a few photos of that, didn’t it?

Onto the Wedding Breakfast and speeches, and this is where the Nerdy-ness really showed.  Each table had a drawing of a famous robot dog, such as K9 from Doctor Who.  On the four-tier Wedding Cake was WALL-E & EVE and dotted around were little things like a small Tardis, a Question Mark Box from Super Mario Bros., Wallace & Gromit…so much cool stuff to enjoy and photograph!  Then you have the museum itself to take even more cool portraits and candids.  This Wedding was so cool!

After the first dance, we tried to remain Professional Wedding Photographers, but danced around to some amazing live music (whilst taking photos, of course) before saying our goodbyes and leaving the newlyweds to dance the night away with their loved ones.  Thanks again to Darren Gair from The Last Of The Light for letting me tag along to this absolute gem of a wedding!  Below are some of my favourite photos of the day along with the customary slideshow.  The usual rules apply – turn the speakers up loud, unless you should be working, in which point you should probably just scroll quietly to your heart’s content and if you’re looking for a Professional Wedding Photographer at Ironbridge Enginuty in Telford, Shropshire, then drop me a message to see if I am available for your wedding day.