Shipston-on-Stour Wedding Photography

I had been looking forward to traveling to the Cotswold town of Shipston-on-Stour so I can photograph a Blackwell Grange wedding for a while and I have to say, it really did not disappoint!   That beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary, along with the attention to detail is nothing short of breath taking and is, quite frankly, a wedding photographer’s dream so when I was invited to help photograph Katie & Pete’s wedding, I didn’t spend all that much time thinking about it.

We started off at Katie’s parents’ home where the girls were getting ready.  If you’re wondering to yourself “Hold on, why didn’t Katie get ready in the dedicated Bridal Room at Blackwell Grange?”, then allow me to scratch that itch of curiosity for you – Pete and the boys were getting ready there.  I started off getting some photos of make up being applied, along with some details like the stunning dress that Katie would be wearing that day and before too long, Bacon Rolls were being served.  As you can imagine, that started off a heated debate – red or brown sauce?  I was very much in the minority when I said that red is for bacon and brown is for sausage, and it was strange to be in a room full of people who had wandered so far away from the path of righteousness (except for me, of course!).

Straight over to Shipston-on-Stour in The Cotswolds where we caught up with Pete and the boys at Blackwell Grange.  They were already hanging around the Thatch Barn ready to go so once everyone was there, Katie & Pete had a lovely ceremony and straight after the confetti throwing, everyone had migrated to the Cider Lawn for drinks and canapés.  As friends and family caught up, I was photographing some candid moments as I like to leave everyone to enjoy themselves for as long as possible in a documentary wedding photography style before I grab the Bride and Groom for some portraits.

After those portraits, it was time to head in for dinner and some brilliant speeches from the Father Of The Bride, Pete and his two best men.  Everyone went straight back outside onto the Cider Lawn again to enjoy the evening sunshine and as the light started to fade at Blackwell Grange, I managed to photograph some epic portraits for Katie & Pete around the grounds before we were back inside for the big party!  Before we shot off for the night though, we did have to get a couple of sparkler photos and one particular photo that I did have my eye on all day using the Moon Gate.

Spending the day with Katie, Pete & Co. was amazing, and I have to thank my photography brother from another mother, Darren Gair from The Last Of The Light, for inviting me to tag along.  Below are just some of my favourite photos of the day, so if you’re at work, it’s probably best that you scroll silently but if you’re at home, then may I suggest that you crank those speakers up and watch the slideshow!

If you’re looking for a Contemporary and Documentary style Wedding Photographer at Blackwell Grange in the Cotswolds town of Shipston-on-Stour, then please do get in touch.