Shropshire Wedding Photography

It’s 2020! A brand-new year means that there are a lot of fantastic couples all getting excited, with each of them counting down to their weddings.  It goes without saying that I am very much looking forward to being a photographer this year as I can see that I’m going to photograph some epic weddings in 2020!

[Edit made on 28th April 2020: Ok…I’ll be the first to admit that the above statement has not aged well!]

For my first Photography gig of the decade, I was back at The Mill Barns near Bridgnorth, Shropshire with Mat James to photograph Karris & Joe’s Winter Wedding. I know that what I am about to say can be considered heresy amongst fellow professional photographers, but I quite like a Winter Wedding. Admittedly it does get darker much earlier, but when you have a venue like The Mill Barns, even in low light you can get some epic portraits!

The girls were getting ready for the big wedding day downstairs in The Dressing Room at The Mill Barns while the boys made themselves very presentable in one of the accommodation rooms. I bounced back and forth between the two because, along with capturing photographs of the Bridal prep, I also like to get some photography of the Groom getting ready as well – it really adds to the story of the entire day.  From there, after Karris and her Dad had a moment on the stairs to exchange gifts, it was straight in for the ceremony. With views over the lake, Karris & Jon tied the knot in front of their friends and family.

To make the most of the remaining daylight, we took a walk around the grounds of The Mill Barns to get some fantastic portraits before going back in so everyone can tuck into their Wedding breakfasts. After the speeches, I managed to grab Karris & Joe for about fifteen minutes to photograph some epic night-time portraits and as you can see below, the backdrop of The Mill Barns looks stunning both during the day and at night. Then, of course, it was that time of the day to let loose and dance into the night.

Congratulations to Karris & Joe! Below are some of my favourite photos from their wedding day, but if you like your photos with a bit of a soundtrack, then I strongly suggest hitting play on the slideshow and cranking up those speakers!

And if you’re looking for a Professional Wedding Photographer for your wedding at The Mill Barns near Bridgnorth, Shropshire, then drop me a message to see if I am available.