Shustoke Barn Wedding Photography

Weddings are back in full swing, and I am having a hell of a lot of fun being back out there as a wedding photographer, capturing big days as they happen. One of those days was the wedding of Jodie & Stuart – an incredibly fun couple who had tied the knot at the stunning Warwickshire venue of Shustoke Barn.

This wedding ticked a lot of boxes for me. A bunch of people that love to have a good time: check! A venue where epic photo opportunities are endless: check! A clear summer day where we can get some badass sunset photos later on: check! Working with my photography brother from another mother, Mat James: check!

Mat & I rocked up to Lea Marston Hotel in Sutton Coldfield, where both the boys and girls were getting ready. We checked in on Jodie and the girl’s first, and grabbed some photos of the Bride having her makeup applied before popping down to the see the lads. All morning, Mat and I bounced between the two rooms, and we got some great photos of everyone getting ready, as well as capturing some moments that will stick in the memories for years to come.

With the prosecco having been quaffed, the lager having been chugged, and everyone being dressed resplendently, it was off to Shustoke Barn. Now, if you’ve done a bit of online stalking, you’ll be familiar with the fact that I know this venue very well, but this is actually the first time that I had ever been a wedding photographer here, and what a day it was!

I love this venue. The big doors, the amount of natural light, the arches and high ceilings, the courtyard…I can easily understand why Jodie & Stuart chose to get married here, and the decorations on the day perfectly complemented Shustoke Barn. After the I Do’s, everyone went outside to the courtyard to catch up with friends and family, eat some canape’s and just being appreciative of the fact that we’re no longer in lockdown.

Just before everyone tucked into their wedding breakfasts, we had the speeches and there were a couple of secrets that ended up being revealed. One of those secrets caught Stuart completely off guard, as he was certain that his Best Man would never tell that story.

Stuart was wrong.

While I was back in the studio editing their gallery, I burst out laughing at this point because you can spot the exact moment this story gets told. What follows is Stuart going through a range of emotions: from mortified, to pleading, to denial, to disbelief, before arriving to reluctant acceptance and finally, a little smile.

The story? I would never share such a thing on a Blog. Buy me a couple of drinks though, and I may spill the beans!

At a couple of points during the day, Mat and I managed to get Jodie & Stuart out for their portraits, and it was so much fun. Jodie & Stuart are so chilled and were up for anything, although I’m sure it was a bit weird for them around sunset when two bearded blokes repeatedly kept saying “Oh the light – I love this fucking light!” I’m sure you will agree that these two nailed their portraits, and there is no way in hell that you couldn’t love that sunset!

Being one of Jodie & Stuart’s wedding photographers at Shustoke Barn was a lot of fun. Check out their slideshow below for more of my favourite photos of the day, and if you’re looking for a wedding photographer to capture your day in Warwickshire, then please do drop me a line.