Bridgnorth Wedding Photography

My Blog posts about weddings that I have been a photographer for gives me the chance to really delve into the detail of how each wedding day that I’ve had the pleasure of providing a contemporary and documemtary style photography service had played out, but I honestly feel that I wouldn’t be doing this particular wedding day any justice if I wrote up a lengthy Blog post.  While I was photographing the Christmas wedding of Jaimie-Lee & Mike at The Mill Barns, in Alveley, Shropshire, there was one word that I thought of repeatedly which describes this wedding perfectly: moments.

There was the incredibly emotional moment I got to photograph where Jaimie-Lee’s mom and dad first saw their daughter in her wedding dress at The Mill Barns.  I’ll have to admit that this really got me in the feels.

The camaraderie between Mike and his Best Man, Luke, as the boys were helping each other get ready.

During the ceremony, while Jaimie-Lee was reading out her vows, Mike reached out and held her hand in support.

There were many moments during the portraits where this delightful newlywed couple were either doubled over laughing or dancing around as if they didn’t have a care in the world.

Mike shedding a tear during his speech – an emotion being mirrored by loved ones – was definitely a moment.

A real family moment where Jaimie-Lee danced with her dad while Mike and their little ones watched on with pride.

Jamie-Lee giving her Bridesmaid, Katie, the world’s tightest hug on the dancefloor.  That was a moment.

This is the hardest Blog post that I have ever written as a Wedding Photographer because there is nothing that I could write that will ever accurately describe this Winter Wedding Day at The Mill Barns.  The real story is in the photos below.

Thanks to Mat James Photography for inviting me along to photograph this Wedding at The Mill Barns.  Check out my favourite snaps from the day down below and if you’re the sort that likes a bit of music with their photos, then may I suggest hitting play on that slideshow?  Be sure to crank up the volume!

And if you’re looking for your own Wedding Photographer at The Mill Barns in Alveley, Shropshire, then please do get in touch!