More Than Just A Few Pre-Wedding Photos

As I have been known to photograph some amazing weddings across Worcestershire (and beyond!), a lot of couples ask me whether I would be happy to go out on an engagement shoot with them and my answer is always the same: of course I would be!  Some couples do wonder whether it is worthwhile to book an engagement or a pre-wedding shoot, so I have put together five reasons why you should definitely do it.


Simply put, you are going to get some great photos out of your engagement shoot because we are going to tailor an entire session around you and your personalities. From there, you can use those photos as family heirlooms, save the date cards, announcements, display them on the day of your wedding itself and, of course, as kick-ass Facebook profile pictures!


Having an engagement session helps you and I build a stronger relationship and what that means is that you will gain more of a trust in me as a photographer. We will work towards being able to easily communicate and from there, I’ll be able to help you through your wedding which will lead to even better photos of your big day.


Having an engagement session will help you both understand posing. During the first few minutes of every engagement shoot, I like to cover what I call the foundation posing framework, which means that I’m going to talk you both through how to pose and give you guidance to help you, and that guidance is going to be simple, easy to understand and remember. I will take you from being uncomfortable in front of the camera to knowing exactly what to do.

That means that even when you’re out with your friends and they’re taking pictures of you, you’ll know what to do and the photos of you will look incredible, leaving your friends wondering how the hell you guys always look so amazing!


We’re going to tailor the engagement shoot to your vision with regards to what you guys want to do in terms of the activities and location. From that, we’re going to get a whole series of images and when I find out which of those images you really love, that will give me more food for thought as we go into your wedding day.


What all the previous reasons end up doing is help improve your wedding day photography. We will have a stronger relationship because you will know who I am and that it I’m not just a stranger showing up to your wedding. The relationship and rapport that we will build will also help you stay relaxed in front of the camera.

You’ll also understand posing, so during that limited window that we get to capture those sunset photos on your wedding day, you’ll essentially get more images in that time because we can move you in and out of poses so much quicker as you’ll already know what to do!

We’re also going to have a better vision of everything going into your big day so when your wedding day comes around and we are able to put all of these things together, not only are you going to get better wedding photos but a better experience overall.

Are you looking to book an engagement or pre-wedding shoot?  Then be sure to drop me a message and we’ll get you some photos that you will be to show off – maybe even hang them up on the wall!