Worcestershire Wedding Photography

When you plan an outdoor ceremony at any time of the year, I can pretty much guarantee you that you are going to be watching that weather app like a hawk in the weeks (and probably months) leading up to your big day.  When it came around to being Charlotte & Alex’s photographer for their outdoor wedding ceremony in the Worcestershire parish of Rochford…let’s just say that wellies and umbrellas were a must for a portion of the day.  I guess that hoping for sunshine in the middle of June was optimistic.

We started the day at Charlotte’s house and two things immediately jumped out at me – firstly, there was so much laughing.  This was such a relaxed environment to get ready in and I really think that comes across in the photos.  The other thing that jumped out at me (and, I think, the most important) were the doggos!  As you may have spotted, I am very much a dog person and I had to pull myself away from fussing the woofies to make sure that I stayed on top of photographing Charlotte and her Bridal Squad while they were getting ready for the wedding.

The whole day was being held on family owned private land and it was here that we caught up with Amy Roberts, who was on hand to ensure that the whole day ran smoothly.  Alex was also there with his groomsmen and can you guess what happened? You guessed it – it had started to rain.  This didn’t dampen any spirits for this wedding though and with guests prepped with brollies, wellies and waterproofs, nothing short of a biblical flood was going to stop this wedding from happening!  In what was a stroke of luck though, the rain stopped when Charlotte arrived.  Result!

After the formalities were complete (with amazing views to photograph over the rolling hills), guests were treated to canapes and drinks before being escorted into a fantastically decorated Tipi for the wedding breakfast and speeches (and so much epic looking dessert – may have something to do with the fact that Charlotte is an amazing cake aritist!).  Alex’s speech was great, Ryan’s (the Best Man) was thoroughly entertaining.  Both, however, were massively overshadowed by the Father of The Bride who did a rendition of The Greatest Show, complete with Ringmaster Costume.  The big twist to that performance?  Everyone in the tipi knew this was going to happen and joined in at various intervals, except for Alex who sat there for a long time trying to work out what the hell was going on!

The sunshine finally broke through the clouds, so we took advantage of the amazing setting so we could get some portraits before going back to the tipi for the first dance and an epic party, featuring the incredibly talented Dan Greenaway, who bought the dance floor to life.

Thanks to Darren Gair from The Last Of The Light for inviting me to join him as a second photographer for Charlotte & Alex’s wedding and, of course, thanks to Mr. & Mrs Cope, along with their friends and family, for such a fantastic day.  Below are not only some of my favourite photos of the big day, but also a slideshow.

A quick and obvious disclaimer: the slideshow will be set to some really cool music, so if you’re skiving off from work…headphones on, yeah?

If you’re looking for a Professional Wedding Photographer in Rochford, Worcestershire, then please do drop me a message to see if I am available to photograph your wedding day.