Alison & Gary’s Wedding Photographer in Shrewsbury

Albright Hussey Manor Wedding Photography

To say that I was excited to be Alison & Gary’s wedding photographer at Albright Hussey Manor would be an understatement, and there are two very good reasons for this.  Firstly, it would be my first time snapping at this 16th Century Manor House, and with four acres of landscaped gardens to stomp around on – along with a moat and sun terrace – there was certainly a lot of photography-worthy spots for me to sink my teeth into.

But the biggest reason why I was excited was because of Alison & Gary.  I spoke to the pair of them before they booked me, and how they described their wedding fell very much into my wheelhouse: chilled, fun and featuring the odd surprise to keep guests on their toes.

I also loved the fact that as well as being really nice, Alison is a straight-talking individual who has the subtlety of a flying brick.  You’re never left wondering what she means when you talk to her, and I admire that quality in a person.

Bridal Prep Photos In Shropshire

Fueled by a can of Monster, I set off nice and early to Shrewsbury so I could catch up with Alison and her Bridal squad getting ready in The Hussey Suite.  I knew that I’d be working with videographer extraordinaire Nick Boy, and he was already there when I made my grand entrance. That annoyed me because I wanted to be there first.

With Danielle Gilmour on Makeup and Elegance Bridal Hair Design‘s Laura Cahoon on…well…Hair (duh!), the vibe in The Hussey Suite was exactly what Alison had promised: chilled and fun.  As well as getting photographs of the Bridal prep, Nick and I wandered the grounds to see Albright Hussey Manor come to life as venue and suppliers got everything in place for the big day.  Under the watchful eye of Albright Hussey Manor’s wedding coordinator Emma, Sydney Charles expertly styled the venue, with The Flowerpot complementing their work with some stunning floral arrangements.

With go time fast approaching, Alison slipped into her dress from Elegance Bridal before making her way downstairs to get the I Dos underway.

Ceremony & Drinks Reception Photos In Shrewsbury

To say that the weather was nice would be an understatement, so it would have been very rude to not have an outdoor wedding ceremony!  With Gary waiting at the end of the aisle in his splendid suit from Dapper Dan, the anticipation from him and guests was palpable.  Even at this early stage, you could tell that this lot were all up for a good time, with lots of banter filling the air. 

As Alison walked down the aisle, Gary managed to last all of three seconds before he shed a tear.  That’s what I call a ‘proper reaction’ – grown men letting their guard down, words being jumbled up due to nerves and pure fits of laughter during the ceremony is what I like to keep an eye out for.

After the rings were flown in by Billie owl from Apollo Falconry, Alison & Gary said their I Dos, signed the paperwork and made their way back through a confetti shower.  Without missing a beat, the newlyweds lead their guests in Pied Piper fashion to the Sun Terrace for drinks and nibbles.

Shropshire Wedding Portraits & Singing Waiters

While everyone was enjoying the sun, I grabbed the new Mr. & Mrs. so we could get some epic wedding portrait photography at Albright Hussey Manor.  Alison & Gary did tell me that they didn’t want to spend too much time away from their guests, and that works perfectly for me.  I like to keep these sessions short because I know that even though I’m awesome [citation need], you want to spend your wedding day with your nearest and dearest.

Even though it was their first time in front of my camera, these were naturals – they had a lot of fun in the spots we had picked, and it really shows in the photos.  Alison & Gary really found their groove, and I knew that we’ll get even better wedding photos later on when we take another walk.

When we were done, Alison & Gary made their grand entrance into the Imperial Suite for the speeches, wedding breakfast and a bit of a surprise for the guests.  To get everyone in the party mood after the meal, Alison & Gary had singing waiters from Silver Service Singers, and they went on to do what they do so well!  Guests were up on their feet dancing and singing along, with everybody putting in maximum effort despite the heat.

I may have also gotten involved in the festivities.  OK, I definitely got involved and showed anyone who paid attention that my skills are more suited to wedding photography, and not singing and dancing.

Shrewsbury Sunset Wedding Photos & Party

After all of that hot and sweaty fun, I figured now would be a good time to go out and make the most of the sunset.  Alison had a costume change so that she could dance unencumbered later, and she managed to bust out a few moves for their wedding sunset photography.  Just like earlier in the day, Alison & Gary were so fun and natural in front of the camera, and we got everything we wanted without keeping them away from their guests for too long. They certainly made my job easy as their Albright Hussey Manor wedding photographer.

With the sunset photos taken, it was time to go back to the Imperial Suite to cut the wedding cake, courtesy of Cakes By Max, and then kick off the evening’s festivities.  With Neil Cookson from Multiplex Decks spinning the tunes, the dance floor at Albright Hussey Manor was no doubt covered in scuff marks from all the dancing – I dare say that the sax and trumpet players may have contributed to the party vibe!  Complementing Neil and his crew was a magic mirror from Feel The Magic, giving guests a chance to mess around with props, pull silly poses and receive photographic evidence of their drunken behavior.

Shropshire Wedding Photography

A huge thank you goes to Alison & Gary for picking me as their wedding photographer at Albright Hussey Manor.  Spending the day with a bunch who are fun, chilled and so obviously close to each other is why I love being a Shropshire wedding photographer, and I doff my proverbial cap to you all.

Below are just some of my favourite photos from Alison & Gary’s wedding at Albright Hussey Manor. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Shrewsbury, then all you have to do is drop me a line.