Wait…it’s nearly Christmas already?  How the flippin’ ‘eck did that happen?  In just a matter of days, we’ll be exchanging gifts before embarking on to that bit between Christmas and New Year where you can’t quite work out whether it’s Tuesday or Saturday.  Then, in the blink of an eye, 2023 will be in the rear view.

Every year, I like to look back at the preceding twelve months because my job as a wedding photographer is a lot of fun. I’ve photographed weddings all over the Midlands, and I got to hang out with some crazy couples and their even crazier friends. There has been stunning Brides, dashing Grooms, proud Dads, inappropriate Best Men and, of course, the tale of the missing wedding rings (don’t worry – we found them in plenty of time!).

To give you an idea of how fun weddings have been in 2023, I’ve squeezed some of my favourite photos into less than 60 second – let’s face it, despite how much you love a good slideshow with a bad-ass soundtrack, you are a busy soul!  Luckily, the video below is short enough for you to enjoy with a glass of mulled wine (or while you’re on the throne – you do you!).

It has been a huge pleasure to be part of so many weddings where those in attendance just know how to have a damn good time! For every big day, I’ve been made to feel part of the gang, and that definitely comes across in the photos.

If you’re looking to book a photographer for your wedding, then all you need to do is drop me a line!