Wedding Photography Highlights

Every year, I like to put together a short video highlighting some of my favourite wedding photos that I had taken over the preceding twelve months. It’s actually something that I really look forward to doing because not only do I get to reminisce about all of the epic weddings that I have been a photographer for, but creating the video also scratches what I like to call the ‘Nerd Itch’.

For 2019, I decided not to make a video because I came to the conclusion that my priority should be to get a new kick-ass website (Mission: Accomplished!). I’ll admit that if I put my mind to it, I could have easily put together a video for 2019, especially since my contributions to the building process of this website consisted of me telling Webmaster J “Go build me a website.” I did add all of the content myself though, so that counts…right?

Fast forward to the tail end of 2020 and to say the least, we have experienced a year that will be remembered for being a bit of an inconvenience. Indeed, I have had the pleasure of providing professional wedding photography for some amazing weddings this year but, as you can imagine, nowhere near as many as I was hoping, so I’ve put together a video of some of my favourite wedding photos from both 2019 and 2020.

Turns out that my laziness last year has, in some flukey way, benefited me this year. Who saw that coming? I didn’t!

Every year as a wedding photographer has seen me attend some of the most fun weddings that I have ever been to and to be given the chance to document those special days for my couples has been a privilege. I get to spend all day with some brilliant people who love to have fun and while I’m there, I get to capture and tell their stories. ‘Proper jobs’ shouldn’t be this fun.

Even in 2020, the weddings that I have captured have been amazing and I look forward to documenting the amazing days of my couples in 2021, facemask or not!

The video is below for you to check out at your leisure, but a quick and obvious disclaimer is required: the slideshow is set to a song that deserves to be cranked up loud, so if your boss is in earshot and you’re planning to skive off from work to watch it…headphones on, yeah?